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Been a long time coming, but finally able to get the 409 Cleveland to Platinum Engine Designs, Premiere Dyno Service. This is the original 408 Cleveland that made 752 @7600, and 572ft. lbs at 5600. So had some issues from previous build, that led me to develop this channel. Met Donn Rhode, as a patient through the ER, I work at. He and I worked on this engine together, at his Engine Shop Precision Engines in Port Clinton Ohio. He taught me a lot not only engines, but life. I have had my share of issues from one way or another. Including the whole Covid 2019, that still is changing America, The A3 Ford heads were ported by Darin Morgan, along with both Air Supremacy intake, and the Jack Roush, with a custom AR anti reversion plate. The bore was .035, so added a 2 mm coating to the piston skirts, and also coated domes. Added the correct Ford Offset 6.00 inch Con rod, along with the bore make 409 ci. I also added a windage tray to the main girdle I run. Another addition was the front to rear oil line, made from -6 hose. Along with Tim Meyer's TrackBoss Performance Products oil Filter adapter, that is larger, and allows for the use of the Wix filter 1268. But finally it came to pass, Lots of passes. " I hear Cleveland's Make Power". Is something I know now, and not just hear. Made 26 Dyno runs, and included what I thought were the most important. The baseline combo previously was 408 Cleveland , with Scott Cook Air Supremacy intake, and ADP Billet Enforcer 1050 Dominator. Made 752. hp. The best with same combo with addition of above work, picked up 23 hp, lost 1 ft lb of torque, made 775 hp, and 571 ft lbs, @ 5700 along with 2 inch headers.I will take the rounded up number. I knew cam, and compression was not optimal, but also porting needed bigger pipes to get out the exhaust. Every run made more power than my previous best of 408 Cleveland at 752. The best for the King Cobra 1120 cfm from Pro Systems was 763.7 hp @ 7477, with 588 ft. lbs. @ 6600. 11.7 hp and 16 ft lbs, improvement from previous best 408 C. Next we added the Pro Systems 1000 cfm, that I had sitting in the box for the last 5 years. It made 769.2, and 582 @ 6600, This was up 17 hp and 10 ft lbs, from previous best 408 Cleveland at 752. This is also with a 4150 carb, as is the King Cobra, compared to the APD Billet Enforcer 1050 Dominator . The issue is that as head flow is improving, need to obviously change the Cam to match, and compression as well. Cam needs to be in the 112 Separation angle range, big lifters, and in at 109, or close proximity. This current cam is 109, in at 105 intake center line, way to advanced. I may retard it back 2 or 4 degrees, this would bring the rpm range up a few hundred rpms, and change the valve events intakes to open later, to get the exhaust to work better. Take back to the dyno. Make a few pulls, lash loops and plan for new future cam. Its just one of those things. Stay tuned, Steve Kinzle's Lone Wolf 434 TrackBoss Dyno session on the way.

Previous Best Baseline 408 Cleveland Scott Cooke Air Supremacy, APD Billet Enforcer 1050 Dominator 752 hp @ 7600 rpm /572 ft lbs @ 5600
409 Cleveland same as above Cook/1050 Baseline with 1 7/8 Headers 754 hp @ 7581 rpm / 566 ft lbs @ 5700
409 Cleveland as above Cook/1050, and now add 2 inch headers 774.5 hp @ 7683 rpm/ 571 ft. lbs @ 5700
Intake Switched 4150.
409 Cleveland with Ford Motorsport /Jack Roush Intake 4150 /Pro Systems King Cobra 1120 cfm, 763.4 @ 7477 rpm / 588 ft lbs @ 6400
409 Cleveland with Ford Motorpsort / Jack Roush Intake 4150/ Pro Systems 1000 cfm 4150
769.2 @ 7595 rpm /582 ft. lbs @ 6600.
769.2 @ 7595


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